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Torque iSUP
Torque iSUP
Torque iSUP
Torque iSUP

The ISUP Electric is a new member of the jetboard family. This inflatable board has been transformed by the Torque brand into a luxury inflatable jet board that the entire family will love.

This wonderful board is designed with a patented aluminum jet drive system neatly built into the aft of the board with water intake under the back of it. The system is fully enclosed inside for superior performance and safety. The battery pack is in the middle section of the board, providing a higher center of gravity for overall controllability and exceptional gliding speeds with very low power consumption.

The electric board can be used with the motor turned on, or you can turn it off and use the board as a standard SAP board.

The inflatable board is versatile for all skill levels of riders. Beginners gain speed through the thrust of the motor, allowing them to gain balance quickly. The jetboard can give any rider the ability to explore the course and enjoy the awesome feeling on the water. The ISUP Electric is amazingly easy to use, very fun to ride, and comfortable. The jetboard can hold a rider up to 160 kg.

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