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Official Distributor in UAE

The designers and engineers of Mako Boards Sports approached the Mako Jetboard with all the English passion for perfection.

You could say it's a premium quality motorized surfboard. The motor is made in the Rotron aircraft factory, which supplies parts to Boeing. The design was developed in partnership with the Bremont watch factory. The case has been subjected to the toughest tests and has shown great reliability.

Here are some of the differences in the Mako Slingshot:

  • Increased riding time on one battery charge and a full tank.
  • A removable battery allows avoiding carrying the entire board for recharging and allows quick changing if you need to ride on.
  • To fill the tank, simply remove the cap on the hull, just as you do when filling your car or motorcycle.
  • The motor unit lid is mounted on 3 fasteners and opens by simple pressing (no need to remove the fasteners).
  • There are handles on the hull to carry the surfboard easily.
  • The propeller of the water jet is made of metal, giving it greater reliability and protection from breakages.
  • Standard surf fins are used as fins, which are also quick-release.