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The WaveJam91 and WaveJam156 have different battery capacities. The weight of the bodyboard and the battery life are different in these models. Other specifications are identical.

The ASAP WaveJam is designed for one person. It is controlled by shifting your body weight. The thrust is controlled by the trigger, rigidly attached to the handles, on the left and right sides. Unlike surfboards, bodyboards have no stabilizing fins and the riders normally lie on such boards.

WaveJam bodyboard has several significant advantages over motorized surf. It does not require any special training to get started and the handling is very easy and user-friendly. ASAP WaveJam is lighter and more compact than almost any motorized surfboard, electric or internal combustion motor. This makes it a great choice for families.

The ASAP WaveJam's hull is made of durable molded foam. The battery-powered waterjet speeds up to 16 km/h. The motor is rather silent and "green". It can be used in many water bodies.

When buying the ASAP WaveJam bodyboard from us, you select a Super Fast charger. Ask about the price.


Super Fast charger: 30 min to 80% 65 min to 100%

​Regular charger: 80 min to 80% 130 min to 100%


Super Fast charger: 50 min to 80% 90 min to 100%

​Regular charger: 120 min to 80% 180 min to 100%

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