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The Aqua Jet Dive H2 consists of wings, hull with electronics, bow part with battery, propeller, and the power system is integrated in the hull. The bow has a mount for an underwater camera, to record your underwater adventure and share it with your friends.

The developers claim that the AquaJet H2 outperforms its counterparts in terms of power. It allows it to tow up to 4 divers at a time. At the same time, the motor operates quietly. One device battery charge can be enough for more than 100 minutes of diving. The top speed is 9 km/h, and the divertug is controlled by simple tilting in the desired direction.

The divertug can be used:

  • For divers using wetsuits, snorkels, masks, flippers, and other equipment to improve underwater exploration in deep diving.
  • For swimming. The AquaJet Dive H2 will help you swim and freedive like a fish enjoying a walk in the water.
  • For fans of surfing. Ride the waves with the AquaJet Dive H2 to experience the thrill of surfing with a higher speed.

The AquaJet Dive H2 is easy to use. Launching is done in just 2 steps - the user touches the switch on the left handle and while holding down the button, switches the speed control.

The AquaJet has 3 gears for low, medium, and high speeds. All these can be set as default and used on all future dives. The device has high balance, stability, and controllability.