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The top-of-the-line Onewheel model with the highest range, speed, and passing ability.

The curvature of the concave and the abrasive coating help it hold up on tight turns, even in the rain. The Onewheel GT is strong enough for drops from curbs and and bumpy riding. This model is more versatile than Pint and allows riding aggressively outside the city on rough terrain. The wheel profile offers a better stability.

The ride is even more fun because of a new voltage controller. Onewheel GT delivers more power and improved dynamics in all performance modes. The range is doubled. You can ride for up to 52 km on a full charge. Powerful diode lighting is provided for night riding.

A patented HyperCore electric motor is built into a single wheel which not only drives the board, but also improves its balance. The board is controlled by shifting your body weight, the sensors built into the concave detect foot pressure, so the Onewheel activates and knows you're ready to go. Simplestop technology helps you safely stop and jump off the board. This way, it's easy for a beginner to start riding.

Onewheel smartphone app provides tracking ride information (battery level, speed, mileage), customize performance mode (normal, extreme, uphill, custom).