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What you can do on the Onewheel XR, no ordinary skateboard can do. The XR is the improved Onewheel, which comes 4 years after the first Pint monoboard. The advantage of the Onewheel XR over the previous model is a higher speed and the ability to ride longer without recharging the battery. On the board you can conquer any surface: from perfectly flat asphalt to rocky hills, with a slope of 30 degrees.

XR speeds up to 30 km/h and be used without recharging to pass 19-29 kilometers. To start moving, you just need to shift your body weight forward and the board will start gaining speed smoothly. A smart LED lighting system is regulated by a free mobile app. It also provides tracking your ride and communicate with other Onewheel owners.

Supply Package: Board with wheel, charger, dark-gray Maghandle