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The ESURF R is an easy-going, cool motorized surfboard. The most prominent thing is the sleek, sporty look of the electric surf. The ESURF project was first established in Monaco, and its ambassadors are professional motorcycle and car racers. It is noteworthy that multiple parts and the assembly itself are made in Europe according to strict quality standards. The ESURF battery was developed especially for this surf to reveal the motor performance. The power allows to speed up to 64 km/h. This is a great result for a top motorized surf.

Streamlined hull design highlights the sportiness of the surf, promising a lot of fun on the water and the attention of tourists on the beach) the monolithic body is made of carbon fiber, making it durable and light. In the press release, the developers note the desire to make maintenance and operation as simple as possible. All the rider needs to do is rinse the surf with water and put the battery on charge after riding.

The wired controller is simple, and that's an obvious advantage. First of all, the rider has no problem with the loss of Bluetooth connection, which happens when the surf is underwater. Also, the controller needs no charging. It also operates as a support for the balance, it is important at high speed. You can set the foot brackets for the rack that you are comfortable with or remove them.