Torque Gromjet
Torque Gromjet
Torque Gromjet

The Gromjet is a motorized surfboard for children. The inflatable soft concave is versatile, yet still extremely strong and durable enough to withstand the constant load it will get from young and lively riders.

The surfboard has a rope handle connected to the bow of the surfboard to increase stability and turning power. The rope handle has a connection point for a clock.

The clock is the control panel for the surfboard. The rider can push buttons with the thumb of either hand to switch between 3 speeds and to start or stop the Jet Board. Body movement while riding the surfboard affects direction and rotation.

The speed may vary depending on the weight of the rider. With a 60kg rider, the surfboard will reach about 15km/h, so younger children will pick up enough speed to have fun and meanwhile be fully safe.

The battery lasts about 1 hour, with mixed speeds it sometimes operates up to 2 hours.

Available in many beautiful colors: yellow, red, purple, black, orange, blue, and green.

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