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The Manta Board is an electric windsurf that even an absolute beginner can handle. Ut is designed for those who want to relax and enjoy a calm ride at low speeds. Whether you want to ride on the ocean, sea, or a small river, the Onean Manta offers a new experience.

With a low speed in calm water (8 to 10 km/h), this board has great control and goes perfectly into the turns. Professional surfers note that the board is quite controllable, so it's an excellent choice for those who have never been windsurfing before. For those who already know how to ride, it's nice to try out the Manta on big waves as it's considered the safest and fastest board in a storm conditions.

It is a surf with wireless control. The user secures his foot in special straps, which make the use of the Manta Board the safest and most comfortable. In addition to the surfboard itself, it comes with one battery, and other components that connect to its top.

In addition, the main parameter features of the Manta Board are:

  1. Multilayer design.
  2. Brushless electric motor.
  3. Efficient water pump designed for the Aquila surf.
  4. 450W electric motor with continuously variable power control designed by Bizintek for Akilla surfs.

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