MotoSurf Games Calendar 2023

MotoSurf Games is a series of motosurf competitions that take place in the USA. The last time the Motosurf World Cup was held in the USA was in 2019. But later, motosurfing returned to the USA again through MotoSurf Games. These games represent a brand new format – “it’s a combination of classic racing, Electric Challenge relay-race (full electric motorized surfboards), JetSurf TUBE Fun Race and America’s first-ever MotoSkate race”.
This year the calendar of the MotoSurf Games consists of 5 events, including a junior training camp in Orlando.

8-9 April - Orlando, FL - preseason race and Junior training camp (to be confirmed)
21-23 April - Keystone Heights, FL
21-23 July - Lake City, FL (to be confirmed)
1-3 September - Sebring, FL
October/November - Markham Park, FL (to be confirmed)

Last year, participants raced at 3 locations in Florida - Keystone Heights, Markham Park and Sebring, where almost 50 racers took part in the competition, among which, for the first time in the history of the MotoSurf Games, juniors also participated in the games.