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With an electric surfboard, you don't have to look for ideal conditions for fun and training on the water. Now you don't have to wait for big waves and tailwind - electric surfboard with a motor is suitable for use in any body of water.

Electric surfing on the board with electric power is more eco-friendly than analogues with gasoline engines, which in some areas are forbidden. This jet works noiselessly, creates waves on your own and allows you to get a high speed.

In the stock of our store - electric surfbosrds are available from manufacturers from Australia, Spain, China, Sweden, USA, Czech Republic and Monaco. Depending on the type and price they:
  • reach a speed of 30 to 64 km/h;
  • fast charging time - 80-150 minutes;
  • riding time - 40-60 minutes.

We have models of eSurfs, which allow you to ride anywhere, even for beginners, suitable for the whole family, easy to ride lying down or sitting. They practically do not need service - they do not need to be filled with fuel, just put on the charge and wait about 2 hours to "stand up" again on a water.

You can buy JETSURF, Radinn, Awake and other surfboards from the most famous brands in the surfing world. For a successful purchase use the filters to select the product of the right brand and with certain characteristics.

We offer 12-months warranty on all surfboards. Delivery to any country of the world. Delivery time is approximately 14 days if the item is available in the catalog. We bring new and popular models of electric surfs to pre-order, in this case delivery will take up to 3 months.