Lampuga Air 2022 - ideal board for beginners

The new board Lampuga Air was launched on the market in 2020 and significantly improved in 2022. Its creators call the target audience people who want to ride with children and boat owners. But it is also a perfect board for beginners with little experience. Compared to the 2017 Lampuga model, the new model has been completely modified in terms of design, especially with regard to lithium-ion battery technology.

Large and stable

The board is quite big (2300x750x250 mm when inflated) and has a lot of volume (200 liters), which turns it into a very stable and safe platform. If you have a race board, it is rather tiny, so you can not rest. The Lampuga Air has a lot of handles which is very convenient, and it is also very soft, so it won’t scratch your boat even if you put it sideways.
The representatives of the Lampuga say that it is a board for people “who want to take it easy, maybe to use it even as a standard paddleboard to get somewhere to the island”. The Lampuga Air still has a lot of power, it can reach speeds of up to 50 km/h. So it is not any sort of a “boring board”.


There is a kill switch on this board and whenever you fall, it turns off and then the engine turns off. The kill switch is located on the back of the board and is connected to the rider's ankle with a safety cable. The design of the Lampuga Air is absolutely safe. The most common cause of injury in motosurfing is hitting the board when falling, but here it is mitigated by the inflatable body. Another thing is one of the safest batteries on the market.


How to ride

You can stand on the Lampuga Air already at the beginning of the movement, because it does not lose its stability. It is also convenient to ride lying down, sitting or on your knees. For even greater rider stability, a robust cord is attached to the front of the board, which is easy to hold on to when riding while standing. It is controlled by a remote control that is attached to the cord or separately. The disadvantage of the inflatable hull is its reduced maneuverability, so turning at high speed would require a larger radius.

Special features

Screenshot 2022-12-16 120037.jpg

The main feature of the Lampuga Air is a large inflatable body made of two-layer reinforced polyvinyl chloride. Due to the increased size and capacity of 200 liters, it received incredible stability for a motor surfer.
The Lampuga Air is equipped with a 10 kW/14 HP electric motor. With a rider weight of up to 100 kg, it develops a speed of 50 km/h. The lithium-ion battery weighs 27 kg, which is less than in other electric surfboards. This board allows you to ride for 45 minutes, and the battery is fully charged in just 120 minutes. Its total weight with battery is 55 kg; the maximum load weight is up to 100 kg. Lampuga Air is presented in 6 different colors. It is completed with the accumulator compressor for pumping and the charger. The price is between €13,500 to €19,500.
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