New gadget: getting to know the Seatfoil

As you already know from our previous articles (“First time on e-foil: brief guide”), you can fly over water standing on your knees or standing tall on your e-foil. But some companies have gone even further - in this article we present to your attention a new gadget called “Seatfoil”, on which you can fly above the water while sitting in a boat. The prototype of the boat was released at the end of January 2023 at the Dusseldorf Boot Show.

Accessible foiling

Seatfoil is a small electric hydrofoil boat for one person that can fly over the water - the inventors of the gadget call it “a personal electric watercraft”. The Seatfoil was created by the Dutch company The Blue Compass. The founder of The Seatfoil, Peter Kooren, says that he has always been fond of water sports - he used to participate in rowing competitions at University, later on he tried kite-surfing, wind-surfing and then e-foiling. His idea was “to make this kind of sport (e-foiling) more accessible”. He claims that “his experience of many years in product development and his degree in Mechanical engineering were of huge assistance”.

Brief overview

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Seatfoil looks like a tiny boat with a mast and a seat. When you take your seat you’re already at your starting position.
Laterally (at your right hand), there is a bio-electric thumb throttle “based into the design of the handgrip”. With a light touch you can give gas and when you let it go it stops. So you control speed with an electronic thumb throttle, while the direction and height is controlled by leaning your upper body. You steer the Seatfoil with your upper body, not only when you turn right or left, but also when you take off and drop the boat down.

There is also a magnetic key for your safety. If you take it off, then nothing is working and the system is off.

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The length of the Seatfoil is almost 2m (199 cm), the width is 80 cm. The hull is hydrodynamically streamlined for easy take-off and stable touch downs. The mast is made of aluminium and you can easily dismantle it - there are just 4 bolts. When disassembled, the foil is compact enough to be transported by car, i.e. of course super convenient.

The designers of the boat made some storage space at the back of the boat - you can put some stuff there, snacks/water, your equipment (a paddle etc).

The battery is located under the seat in a kind of a box. The battery is 1.6 kW, and made in Holland, it has a waterproof case and waterproof connection. The charging time of the battery is 2 hours, and the battery gives you around 2 hours of foiling. You can use it for cruising too and ride in different locations. The top speed is not that high - 20 km/h.

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Price and delivery

The company promised to start the delivery at the beginning of April. They also remind that the product you can see on the official website is a prototype and the delivered product can be slightly different. They offer Seatfoil in 3 colours - black, white and magenta. The official price for March 2023 is €12,500.

Main characteristics

  • Battery capacity - 1600 Wh for circa 2 h
  • Speed - up to 20 km/h (for NL)
  • Flying from 10 km/h
  • Motor power - 4000 W
  • Tested by pilots up to 105 kg
  • Hull length - 199 cm
  • Width - 80 cm
  • Draft - 80 cm
  • Wing span - 99 cm
  • Weight - 35 kg
  • Charger power - 600 W
  • Included are the Hull, Efoil unit (mast, motor, propeller and propeller guard), wings, battery, charger and power leash.
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