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A unique board from Future Motion. The Pint X model 2021 replaces the Onewheel Pint. The distance you can ride on a single charge has increased to 29 km.

A patented HyperCore electric motor is built into a single wheel, which not only drives the board, but also improves the balance. The board is controlled by shifting your body weight, the sensors built into the concave detect foot pressure, so Onewheel is activated and understands that you are ready to ride. Simplestop technology helps you safely stop and jump off the board. This way, it's easy for a beginner to start riding.

Onewheel Pint X is compact and floaty, it's easy to take for a walk around town, carry it on public transport, for portability provided handle. It recharges the battery when you go down a slope. Pint X features a diode light Lightbar, it is built into the concave and allows to see the battery level. The wheel profile allows for steep maneuvers. Although this model is designed to ride on asphalt, Pint X is also confident on rough terrain.

The Onewheel smartphone app provides tracking ride information (battery level, speed, mileage) and customize the ride mode (normal, extreme, uphill, individual).