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The Flyer is made of high-quality carbon fiber, it has outstandingly powerful performance and durability. The Waydoo Flyer is always beyond expectations, taking you on an unforgettable adventure soaring at top speed.

There are 24 speeds for beginners and skilled riders alike. The thrust is adjustable with the wireless controller, and you need to shift your center of gravity for maneuvers.

The advanced power management system provides a high level of safety, fast battery charging, and long operating time. At 20% charge, the controller will signal and power is reduced to half of what is possible so the rider can safely return to shore.

The main components of the Waydoo Flyer One (motor, battery, hydrofoil) can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation. Once disassembled, the surf can easily be transported in a regular car.

The Waydoo team has a proven track record in drone design and manufacturing and makes a superior electric surf in terms of design and technology.

The Waydoo Flyer wireless controller is designed with IP67 protection standards and is fully waterproof. Communication with the electric surf is provided by Bluetooth technology. The controls include a power button, speed switch buttons, and a trigger for traction control.

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