What is motosurfing?

Motosurfing is a new and promising activity, providing the opportunity to do sports at any time. You can ride and outrace sea waves or rush across an expanse of a lake. This experience will be exciting. Wherever the water is, the surfboard will help you make your dreams come true. Motosurfing is the incarnation of freedom and motion, and any kind of water body is good enough to be your surf spot.

Today, manufacturers all over the world use the most advanced technologies to design motorized surfboards.

In these sports, you don't need a boat or a hoister. It doesn't depent on waves, wind, and streams either. Surfing fans can enjoy the speed and drive regardless of weather conditions. Motorized surfboards are technology-enabled. First, there was only a sea scooter power board on the market. This company brand doesn't exist anymore, but new brands are here: Lampuga, Onean, Radinn, Waterwolf, Curf, E-Foil, Lift Foil, gasoline-powered surfboards - Jet Surf, Mako, electric surfboards E-surf and Lampuga Air with inflatable hulls.

Take part in the unique sports, join the community of the fans of speed, drive, and terrific experience. Travel around the world, from the UK to the shore of Bali. Ourdays, fans of motorized surfing live all over the world. Motorsurf World Cup is held annually in several cities of the world.

The today's most popular brand Jet surf was founded by engineer Martin Sula from the Czech Republic, who had developed engines and parts for such concerns as AUDI, BMW, and SKODA at that time. While on vacation in Hawaii, he went surfing. Soon he had the idea to build a surfboard with a two-stroke engine. This board later became famous because it could surf anywhere, even without waves. A motorized surfboard allows non-stop surfing for up to 2 hours.

Motorized surfboards are also very mobile and easy to make every journey you are going to.