Jetsurf Cruiser DFI
Jetsurf Cruiser DFI
Jetsurf Cruiser DFI

The Jetsurf Cruiser DFI features a digitally injected engine for high efficiency and low noise. The board also has a high level of autonomy and improved ergonomic leg mounts. The control knob allows the owner to easily control the speed, acceleration and balance of the board.

Charging the board will no longer be a limitation. The smallest and lightest alternator unit the personal watercraft (PWC) industry has ever seen takes the autonomy of the JETSURF board to a whole new level.

Now, with the new handle length adjuster, you can easily set a comfortable handle length in seconds!

Adjusting fins

The fin adjuster allows you to change the position and angle of the fins. This feature greatly increases the adjustment possibilities and therefore the riding characteristics for each individual board depending on the rider's needs.

Design and Technology

The JetSurf Cruiser DFI hull shape is designed for increased maneuverability on fast turns so riders can enjoy the sporty riding style of the jetsurf. The new DFi 100 CC two-stroke engine provides even more power and fuel efficiency.Digital fuel injection technology is the first solution of its kind offered by JETSURF. DFI delivers the fuel-air mix directly to the engine through the injectors.

Control and balance in your hands

Everything is in your hands. Acceleration, balance, manoeuvres. The JetSURF control knob is used to start the engine, control traction and keep your balance with confidence. In case you fall off the board, a magnetic safety key triggers and the motor immediately shuts off.

Environmentally conscious

Thanks to the improved silencer combined with the new anti-vibration foam it was possible to make the quietest board in the world, significantly reducing the noise of the engine to 53 db. This made it possible to get the Euro certification 2013/53/EU for permissible noise level. At JetSurf, we're always concerned about the environmentally friendly nature of surfing. The new JetSurf models have managed to reduce the CO emission to 63.4 grams.

Safety and comfort

Bindings with ergonomic buckles and foot-shaped foam backing let riders stand firmly on their board - surfing through the water, bumping through waves, or even doing tricks in the air. The bindings are perfectly positioned for optimal weight distribution while riding, minimizing the risk of falls.

Accessories for Jetsurf Cruiser DFI

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