The Ultra is an ultra-compact option for skilled riders who want the lowest possible foil size and weight. The Ultra comes with extra leg straps, giving the passenger the feeling of being connected to the surfboard in a single mechanism.

The Fliteboard Ultra will be a good choice for skilled riders who want to try the maneuverability of the smallest board of the brand. The length of this board is 75 cm. Foot straps are standard, flip flops are optional. On this foil, there is an option to set the Pro Mode. This can be achieved by removing the propeller guard with our duct removal kit - this will increase responsiveness, efficiency, and run time.

When you ride, the Ultra operates like an extension of your body, making you a part of a single ecosystem. The thoroughly designed hull provides flawless maneuvering and optimizes landing in tight corners. The Flow and Race wings have been parametrically designed with Ultra in mind and developed through repeated testing by several hundred riders.

A key benefit of integrating the motor into the hull (instead of attaching the motor to the mast) is to provide a longer, more efficient mast, allowing you to climb higher without damage. This allows for more extreme pitch angles and steep turns, and more flexibility in waves or choppy water. 

Don't let the size of the motor fool you; it's made for performance. The Fliteboard Ultra was designed with a downshift gearbox that generates a faster spinning mechanism. The hull has the smallest diameter on the market (60 mm) for greater hydrodynamic efficiency.

Fliteboard configuration includes:

— Flite controller
— Wing kit includes a front wing and stabilizer
— Premium charger
— Travel Bag eFoil
— Fliteboard bag - Accessory bag

Accessories for Flite ULTRA L

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