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Details affect your riding and your overall experience, and Flite understands that choosing a surf often comes down to compromise. That's why they rely on maximum flexibility when selecting components. 3 different board sizes, 2 Hydrofoil Wings, and 2 batteries are available to the customer. The layout of the components will determine the performance of your board.

Every part of the new Fliteboard has been designed for maximum comfort, durability, and performance. The surfboard and hydrofoil detach for easy transport. The battery is also easy to replace. Flite uses hmodern technologies and durable materials in the manufacture of its electric boards. Carbon fiber, aviation-grade aluminum, composite materials, and wood.

Suitable for beginners and advanced riders alike. The board is wide enough to easily get on your feet even at low speed. The electric surf is also maneuverable and easy to transport. Externally similar to the Pro model, the only difference is the size. It's 172 cm long and 72 cm wide.

Hydrofoil Wing

Repositionable Hydrofoil Wing allows change riding style, including speed and maneuverability.


Maximum performance at low to medium speeds. This wing helps riders weighing more than 75kg to control the surfboard on turns. It also makes it easier to get on and off the surfboard and hold on big waves.


This wing is designed for top speeds. For fast and steep maneuvers. It is less stable and recommended for riders under 75kg. Less drag saves battery power.


The Flite controller gives you a user-friendly and easy way to fly your board. A bright display shows real-time information about distance, coordinates, speed, battery level. The controller is waterproof (IP67) and works via Bluetooth. The Flite Box is a powerful computer that controls the entire system. It implemented algorithms to help riders keep their balance, use the function cruise control.

The Battery

The manufacturer offers 2 batteries to choose from with a different in capacity, power, and weight.


30 Amp hours and 1.65 kWh at a battery weight of 8.75 kg. Battery charge enough for about 40 minutes of riding. The time to charge the battery is 2 hours.


42 amp hours and 2.2 kWh at a battery weight of 11.5 kg. The battery charge is enough for about 60 minutes of riding. Charging time of 3.5 hours.

Accessories for Fliteboard

Flite Аккумулятор Explore
€ 4 400
Flite Аккумулятор Sport
€ 3 900

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