Electric Foils



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The unique electric foils are gaining worldwide popularity. To buy an eFoil means to forget about weather conditions forever. The Flying Surf is ready for adventures in calm waters and on edge of a wave. It will give new emotions and an adrenaline charge. The price of electric surfboard, will fully pay off with emotions.

eFoils - perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. The main manufacturers of electric foils are Lift, Flite, Takuma. They offer surfboards developed by the best engineers and experienced surfers. All boards are tested for durability and safety.

If you are going to buy an electric foil, make sure the product is original. In our store you can find only original surfboards with a motor. Motosurfing.com guarantees quality, reliability and durability.

At Motosurfing.com you can choose from a wide range of electric foils. Every model shown is delivered from an official manufacturer. Take advantage of the "rental" service and try out an electric foil before you buy.