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The Efoil Cruising 2 is the most affordable Efoil on the market. Because of the short mast and wide wing, it's easy to climb even at low speeds. This configuration makes the surfboard more stable, which helps beginners to quickly master the Efoil. The updated model has added additional handles that make it easier to carry.

The Takuma Cruising 2 is designed to make this exciting sport as accessible as possible. It's quick and easy to set up and user-friendly to operate with the new controller.

The 1900 cm2 front wing provides excellent stability and lift, perfect for beginners. This electric foil performs best on calm water.

The new design of the controller with a waterproof hull is even more comfortable and user-friendly. The safety sensor disables the controller in contact with water.

The electronics unit has been redesigned and improved, which made it possible to reduce the overall weight of the Takuma Cruising 2. This in turn has reduced battery consumption and increased riding time. A new internal antenna provides a more stable Bluetooth connection.

The new electric motor speeds up to 30 km/h. Slim and floaty motor components have improved hydrodynamic performance.

The Takuma Cruising 2 is a fast, quiet, and "green" electric surfboard. The most affordable way to fly over the water, free to ride anywhere at any time, without wind or waves.

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