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The RÄVIK ONE is made of premium materials. Manufactured in the production facility in Sweden. The surfboard is designed to give the rider the best possible experience without any harm to the environment. A powerful electric motor will get you up to 56 km/h, and the battery allows riding for up to 40 minutes.


The surfboard hull is made of composite materials, decreasing the weight (35 kg) and achieving high-speed performance. The carbon fiber material also makes the hull shock resistant and protects the internal parts from damage. All these features combine to give you a 100% performance out of your motorized surf.


Its brushless 11 kW electric motor allows reaching 56 km/h in seconds. A precise motor provides maximum efficiency and impressive acceleration. And the waterproofing enables an effective water cooling system.


Replaceable battery pack, designed so that the motor of the electric board uses its full potential. The lithium-ion battery allows enjoying your ride for up to 40 minutes. The LED indicators warn a rider when the battery is low and it's time to surf back to the shore. The battery is fully charged in 80 minutes.


The RÄVIK ONE is designed based on user feedback, to ensure maximum usability, both in the water and ashore. The replaceable battery pack is easy to replace. It only takes one movement. Convenient wireless control knob, designed for user-friendly and easy operation of the electric board. The handle display shows speed and other important information.


The RÄVIK ONE features several safety sensors. Temperature monitoring and automatic system shutdown if the motorized surf tips over. The magnetic key also switches the system off if the rider falls overboard.

Delivery Set

  • Battery Pack
  • Quick Charger
  • Wireless Controller
  • Controller Charger
  • Magnetic Safety Key
  • Foot Bindings
  • MFC X Fins
  • Case for the Board on Wheels

Accessories for Awake RÄVIK ONE

Awake Аккумулятор RÄVIK XR
€ 9 600
Awake Board bag
€ 850
Awake RÄVIK контроллер
€ 990
Awake RÄVIK ключ питания
€ 320
Awake RÄVIK One Плавники
€ 350

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