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Jetsurf Sport
Jetsurf Sport
Jetsurf Sport

JetSURF Sport is the new model of 2019, its parameters are a good choice for the everyday riding of all family members and for rental business. JetSURF Sport is a reliable and durable board, great for beginners. The model comes with 4 fixtures, so it can be used with Goofy and Regular racks.

JetSURF Sport will be great on the lake or in the open sea, and it is a worthy accessory to equip your boat. This model has all the qualities one would expect from a modern powered boat.

Safety and Comfort

Bindings with convenient straps and foot foam base lets the rider stand steadily on the surfboard, surf on the water, jump on the waves, even do tricks in the air. The bindings are perfectly located for optimal weight distribution while riding, minimizing the risk of falls.

You can use JetSURF Sport with or without bindings. The bindings are easyly detachable and attachable.


The new JetSURF models are available in 2 hull shapes. Sport and Adventure models offer the best stability and smooth maneuverability; Race and Race Titanium hulls are more curved, giving you more acceleration and confidence in fast and tight turns.

Control and Balance

Acceleration, balance, maneuvers... Everything is up to you. The JetSURF control knob is used to start the motor, control traction, and ride steadily.

90cc 2-Stroke Motor

The improved motor designed in 2019 is more cost-effective while maintaining high power. You can enjoy more than an hour of continuous riding with only 2.8 L of fuel filled.

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