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The WaveShark Foil's electric motor speeds up to 45 km/h, the gold standard for electric foils today. There's virtually no noise, making it even more of a flying experience. WaveShark offers a modern high-capacity battery that allows riding for up to 120 minutes.

You can ride on any water body (rivers, lakes, or oceans), regardless of the waves. Suitable for riders with any level of training.
Because of the built-in GPS-system and the smart processor, WaveShark constantly monitors the surf, calculates the remaining battery level depending on the speed and the route, marks the safe return point and informs the rider with the controller vibrations.

The surfboard, mast, and wing are designed using ultra-light carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum with high corrosion potential. The light weight and stiffness of the material ensures high responsiveness when turning and carving.

Wireless waterproof floating controller displays speed and remaining battery power. A bright AMOLED display is good even in bright sunlight. There are 4 speeds to help you learn how to ride. Surf features a LED light, which spectacularly signals the turn, like a car turn light.

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