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The WaveShark Jetboard is ready to take you up to 60 km/h in 3 seconds. This dynamic, driving electric surfboard has earned the prestigious RedDot Product Design Award 2021.

The reinforced design of the waterjet guarantees a long life, despite the increased wear and tear due to the high power.
The WaveShark team paid special attention to hydrodynamics to make an improved hull shape. Optimal weight distribution, ultra-light carbon fiber material and bionic fin design make the Jetboard extremely agile and the riding experience exciting.

The WaveShark Jetboard has a high level of safety and minimal maintenance requirements. The combination of high-strength carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum guarantees corrosion resistance. Water cooling system maintains optimum motor temperature.
Dual-Safe battery safety system

The WaveShark lithium battery gives you up to 45 minutes of fun on a full charge. The modular design of the hull, battery, ESC (electronic speed controller) and motor facilitates transporting and maintenance.

Wireless waterproof floating controller displays speed and remaining battery power. AMOLED display with high brightness shows the information perfectly even in bright sunlight.

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